On Lesdiy.com, we collect lots of colorful and charming LED kits for different series of Lego product. You can search them on both Lesdiy.com and Instruction.lesdiy.com. Either of the search term below will lead you to the product you need:

  1. Product ID of Lego
  2. Product ID in our shop, please tell if it’s the version you need.
  3. Product name, just some keywords is OK
  4. Also, Our collection will be helpful

Don’t worry, we provide the free part replacement service in 6 months, the information we need is only:

  1. Your order number.
  2. The missing/defective parts you need. You can circle it on the parts list or screenshot it in the insruction, and remarks the amount you need.

Method 1
Method 2

Unfortunately, not all of the instructions are with different language. But no need to worry:

  1. All of the instructions here will show you clearly how to complete the installation with plenty of illustrations.
  2. Some of the PDF manuals are editable, you can use Google Translate to translate the language to your familiar one.
  3. Of course, Service@lesdiy are always here to help you.