About Us

About LesDiy

Welcome to Instruction.lesdiy.com!

What is the website for?

In Lesdiy.com, you can find lots of charming and adorable lighting kits. However, when you get to mount them, you might get confused. Where will I get the instruction? Is the kit I received complete? How should I know if the kit is suitable or not by the few pictures on Lesdiy.com?

So we build this website. Here, you can:

**View the instruction online you need and download it.
**Browse the details of the kit you are interested and decide whether to buy it.
**We set the comment section, you can learn something and leave your review here.
**When you get into trouble when mounting the lighting kit, you can ask some one for help, there are FAQs here.
**Of course, we are always here service@lesdiy.com.

Now, without worries, get start to decorate your Lego model with the beautiful LED lights!!